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Gastronomic Bogotá


Here are some of the districts in Bogota where you will find this varied offer of good food, each with its own aromas and flavors to linger in your memory.

Zona G - Gourmet

The specialty of Zona G is its exclusive offer of restaurants, cafes and first-class hotels, secluded from the noises of the city and the beat of its nightlife.

Zona G is close to the financial center, and its offer is addressed mainly to senior executives and businessmen.

Usaquén – Colonial and Romantic

Usaquén is old, a village-within –a-city with Spanish-colonial architecture, historically one of the most exclusive and peaceful places in Bogota. Today, some of its old family houses have been converted into centers of good taste in restaurants, pubs and bars.

Zona T - Parque de la 93

Here, there is a happy mixture of dining and dancing. Usually, dinner comes first, and then…. the party begins.

La Macarena: all the attractions of Bohemian Bogotá

Zona M is in the Macarena district, close to the center of the city, near the National Museum and the Santamaria bullring. This is the home of the Bohemians of Bogotá, but the choice does include international and fusion cuisine, as well as more traditional fare.

Gastronomic festivals

If you´re here in August, try and go to the Bogota Wine and Food Festival, and the Alimentarte Food Festival… These are two events which, year after year have brought together the best of local cooking; and there are talks with experts, and tastings from the menus of world-class chefs.

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